2024 4th International Conference on Mechanical Automation and Electronic Information Engineering(MAEIE 2024)

Call For Papers


2024 4th International Conference on Mechanical Automation and Electronic Information Engineering(MAEIE 2024)will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Mechanical Automation

1. CNC technology and CNC system

2. Intelligent manufacturing technology

3. Test techniques and troubleshooting

4. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (CIMS)

5. Molding manufacturing and automation

6. Instrument Science and Technology

7. Fluid Machinery and Engineering

8. Mechatronics

9. Automatic control and technology

10. Automated instrumentation and equipment

11. Factory modeling and automation

12. Circuits and systems

13. Communications and Information Systems

14. Electronic systems

15. Human-computer interaction and mechatronic engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

1. Power electronics technology

2. Communication signal processing

3. Radar Engineering

4. Digital signal processing

5. Electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic waves

6. Electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic waves

7. Signal and image processing

8. Automatic control and intelligent control

9. Computer and network technology

10. Network and office automation technology

11. Multimedia technology

12. Microcontroller technology

13. Electronic system design process

14. Electronic Design Automation (EDA) technology

15. Circuits and systems

16. Smart meters

17. Communications and information systems

18. Communications and information systems

19. Signal and information processing

20. Parallel and distributed computing

21. Electronics and Communication Engineering

22. Power electronics and electric drives

23. Optoelectronic Information Engineering

24. Physical Electronics

25. Electronic systems

26. Artificial neural networks

27. Semiconductor devices

28. Microprocessor

29. Photonic technology

30. Aerospace electronics technology

31. Electromagnetic fields and microwaves

32. Information processing

33. Measuring and testing technology and instrumentation